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Islamic Camps: Refugees: Illegals: What do we really know?

We hear about the increasing numbers of illegals and refugees allowed into our country or transported around the country since Obama passed the DACA policy, the border has had a surge from Central America and the crisis in the Middle East has caused a massive migration from the Middle East too.  But, do we really know how many are allowed in or being brought here?  There is a growing number of transit white vans in this area.  Once seen filled with foreigners, parked at a Cumberland Farms.  Months ago, it was one or two a week.  Now, it is every day these vans are seen. 

There has been news reported of Islamic Camps around the country.  I will put the links as part of this topic for review.   We already know that ISIS has been proven to infiltrate the migration process and carried out attacks in other places.  In some areas, following the attacks there were mosques investigated and many weapons were reported to be found at the mosques.  However, in the United States there was previous news of Mosques here being off limits for surveillance investigation by an action Obama took due to racial profiling.  We also know the leader of Turkey contributed to the million dollar mosque built in Maryland.

This administration will not label Islamic Terrorists here.  There have been other ways of describing attacks here at home.  So, what are the true numbers?  What exactly is happening at the camps across the nation?  What is happening in the mosques?  There have been attackers here who were reported to attend  mosques, such as the Boston Bombers , the California attackers, the Oklahoma attacker, etc.

We also know there are close to 1,000 active investigations reported to be happening regarding ISIS here in the United States.

Take a look at these links:







(and if you look at the above link, that is an older number, the number is increasing).


The TRUTH?  We don't fully  have it.  What is happening behind the scenes is alarming and time for Americans to take note of this and do whatever you can to be vigilant, write to state representatives and unite to demand action for public safety in our communities. 




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Public Safety - Refugee Crisis

We have already witnessed the fact ISIS has in fact infiltrated the migration and attacked other places.  In fact, they have even boasted about their people being in the migration.  Yet, we continue to bring refugees here without any way to prove if they are associated with terrorists or have been trained by them. It has also been reported that ISIS has trained young children.

This is a controversial issue.  It is not that Americans do not want to help others.  It is not that Americans are racist or against foreigners.  It is in fact a public safety concern.  We have close to 1,000 reported ongoing investigations happening right now due to ISIS here in the country.  We have chaos happening in our streets with riots and we have had the enemy attack us numerous times.

We cannot afford to allow more into our country here to organize.  It is reported today that Texas is opting out of the refugee program as of January 2017.  The article will be entered into the comment section.  This is the time to contact state representatives where you live to request the same for your state if you agree.  It is time to make our voices heard and as many of us as possible.

You are welcome to give input here as well if you click on comment below any site topic.  All that is needed is a name created for posting, other fields can be left blank.  We need to work together and contribute to helping our communities be safe.  Thank you for any steps you take in this positive direction.

*****  In addition - Please join the Blue Ribbon movement started by wives of Law Enforcement by tying a blue ribbon on trees to support Law Enforcement.   Let's have as many across the country as we can.



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It is not giving in to the enemy to focus on protection of yourself and others around you.  The way to approach the issue of attacks happening lately is to come together and do what we can individually and together  to report things.  There are some simple tips to keep in mind when being vigilant.  This is about taking 'action' in a lawful way and not giving in to fear.

1.  Stay observant to your surroundings where ever you go.

2.  *Carry some sort of device on you for self protection.

3.  Try to have a charged cell phone with you for communication.

4.  Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times (even when pumping gas).

5.  *Report any direct suspicious activity to law enforcement.

6.  * When you witness suspicious activity remember to immediately take note and prioritize certain details, *License Plate Number, *Type of vehicle, *Exact activity witnessed, *Exact Location,   *Clothing of individual, etc.

7.  * Walk around areas or be cautious approaching areas that harmful devices could be left at.

8.  Look out for others around you and neighbors if you see anything suspicious near them or their homes.

9.  If anyone approaches you in a harmful way, make sure to scream as loud as you can immediately.  Prepare to defend self.

10.  We can live our lives as we want and still do these things while we go about our lives.

It is up to Americans to take a stance against this unlawful activity happening around us that can cause us harm.  We can be safe and we all have to do our part.



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Unity and Vigilance

It may be difficult for some people to talk about 'unity' lately with what seems a very divided country.  However, we are faced with very challenging times and the only way we can survive these changes, threats and challenges is to be united together.  I understand that people have difference of opinions regarding who should be elected or some people who have given up because they don't like whoever is running for president.  But that doesn't mean that we cannot be united in our communities.

Due to the fact there are threats against our country, illegals who keep making their way into our country who have criminal records, refugees allowed to come here even with knowing the migration is infiltrated by terrorists, we must be vigilant.  Vigilant for ourselves, our families and our neighbors.  Weakened people who are divided are much easier to attack for attackers to succeed.  It is not so easy for criminals and the enemy - when we work together to watch over things and be alert. 

It is also helpful to report anything we see of concern to law enforcement to assist them in whatever way that we can.  It is a tough position for law enforcement to be in when criminals are on our streets with multiple offenses and felons keep being released.  In addition to people who feel the need to target them lately.  We can do our part as citizens.  We can speak up, and participate with safety tactics.  We can put aside our political differences and put our country first, respect fellow Americans lives.

There remains the issue of lack of accountability that has been addressed at this site regarding public endangerment and violations of law.  There has been much wrong doing, many things hidden and outright corruption.  We can give into this and give up or we can stand strong for what we believe in.  In these turbulent times, it requires us to be strong and trust that things can be better and we can make things better. 

Stay safe, be vigilant , plan and prepare in whatever ways you can.  This site is still open for comments or participation to connect if you would like.  Just click on comment below the topic and enter whatever name you choose for posting.  Other fields can be left blank.  Thank you.



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