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This is not the way!

Here we are again with riots taking place in our streets.  Vehicles damaged, glass broken, things thrown at police and the burning of our American Flag. These people claim to be protesting president Trump, but remember this was happening before he was elected.  In fact, it was previously written about at this site. 

This acting out of criminal activity was empowered by the Obama Administration. Now it continues to be carried out.  This is not the way for voices to be heard.  This is not the way to approach the problems we have.  This is not the way for us to come together regardless of differences and create a peaceful society to live. 

Taking a peaceful stand for what is really at stake here is for American lives:  Is not about rioting and violence.  This is more evidence we are losing law and order.  It has been progressively deteriorating.  These actions prove people disrespect fellow citizens and our country.  If you are reading this, please consider how you can help in a proactive way. 

This site will continue on to show how important it is for us to unite and not fight each other.  Somehow this administration has succeeded at turning Americans against each other and this is not what our country is about.  Nor is it what we have fought for.  On this Veterans Day let's take a moment to thank them for all they have done.

Happy Veterans Day! 

God Bless Americ

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In some ways, Obama gave us Trump - but there is no 'savior'.

For those who are not happy about what has happened with Trump to be president, I must say that in many ways Obama gave us Trump.  What I mean by this, is all these years of 'change', 'corruption' ', 'violations of law', 'loss of law and order', 'invasion', 'riots', etc....has led people to mistrust the administration more than ever in this life time. When Trump came along and promised to make America Great Again, claiming to be anti - establishment, people latched onto this.  From lack of 'action' taken earlier, he became a 'savior'. 

I know some people will not like that I point this out and I will not get into the things I have researched regarding his support for this very administration over the years because I know that is not what people want to hear and now we have what we have.  I just feel it is important to recognize the very things Obama and his associates did even with all the smooth talking he does.  If you look back, people also latched onto Obama after being upset with actions President Bush took.  Both Obama and Trump have fueled division.  BOTH of them.  (Even if Trump talks about uniting now).

I have said before, there is no 'savior' for the problems our country faces.  It is about we the people and not about an overblown or corrupt Government stomping on our rights and freedoms.  It is our responsibility to stand up in a righteous way when things have gone too far.  It is our responsibility to UNITE instead of acting out against each other.  It is our responsibility to demand and  pursue Justice (some things long over due), not act out in revenge.  Even with our differences, I believe most American Citizens want what is best for our country and a safe, free, place to live!

This is going to take patience to see where things go from here.  But, as this site has always relayed, we need to care for each other and think about how we can do better.  We need to consider taking a stance together if need be in peaceful assembly.  Basically, nothing has changed with the long term views of this site.  It is the same.  We are still relaying the best messages we can.  Please look back on what has been posted and think about this pattern of events.  It will help to see why we are at this place we are right now.

** In addition hatred for fellow Americans is NOT the answer.  Somehow this division has led to exactly this.  Years of this agenda has turned Americans on each other and continuing on such a path will lead to no-where but disaster.

Feel free to comment here, if you choose.  It is open for comments, participation , connection.  Click on comment below any blog topic to post what you would like to say if you want. 

It is important for us to stay focused on the real issues going on and not just rhetoric.  The issues are based on true facts.  We can do this and we can do it together.


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The day after this election, I am more hopeful we can have unity.  I did not support either candidate this year.  I refrained from bringing the election issues into this site.  Although there is a lot I disagree with, I am thankful to see Americans voices have been heard in unity for who they chose to support with this win.  I congratulate those who made their voices heard and came together for what you believe in. 

We are faced with many problems and it is unity we need.  Let's see where this takes us and always remember we can take a stand with what we believe in whenever we want with the issues that have been addressed at this site.  

Let's give to each other and help each other through the many troublesome things that have come our way and decrease this division so that we can have law and order, justice and freedom.

Feel free to visit this site to be informed on issues we face and contribute your thoughts by clicking on comment below any topic.  Thank you!


God Bless America!! 

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Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to sign the petition in the past couple months to request that Obama be held accountable for his actions, public endangerment, criminal reckless misconduct and additional violations of the law. 

The petition remains active at for anyone who is interested to add your signature.  It is referenced at our site here.

We have chosen not to drag this site into the issues of the present election process.  After today is done, we will continue to add topics for viewing. It is always open for comments by clicking on comment under each topic. 

Again, we thank you for taking the time to read the entries at this site.  We believe these topics are calling for positive action to be taken for our country to go forward  in the right direction.

We fully appreciate everyone who has been participating and much credit to those who signed the petition and also the previous letter to the Sgt. at Arms.

This is what it takes, for us to work together!

Regardless of the final outcome with voting today, we will do our best to continue this site and keep attention on the pertinent issues.


God Bless America!

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