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It is time to March!

I am including an article in the comments section here, where I saw many commenters..   From reading the article and people's commenting it is becoming clear that it is time to march.  It is past due, but getting close to making the choice of having a march for many reasons.  As you can see this site was set up for 2015.  It is the hope to do this sooner than later and it is not known if the site will continue after 2015, depending on what is happening.

Think about this.  We need to march together with American flags:

- To stand for our country and National Security.

- To unite and be heard in numbers, millions.

- To demand Justice regarding the reckless actions that have been taken against us.

- To stand by Law Enforcement

- To stand by the actions even Trump has mentioned in his plans re: these illegal criminals.


This is a time when corruption surrounds us.   A time when foreign criminals are being released and harming us.  We are watching criminal actions put forth by this administration with NO accountability while our lives are put at risk and we have every right to say that we have had enough!  Together we can do this.  We can do what is right for this country because it is truly up to we the people! 

If all you want to do is put in ideas for a time /date - or minimal feedback and wait until an event  to be heard, that's fine.

But, we have to start with some feedback , even if it is letting us know you are interested. I see at other sites, that you are.

Click on comment below the topic to comment.  All that is needed is a 'poster name' .  The other fields of info. can be left 'blank' and it will still go through.   Time will vary for it to show up at the site unless you put it at the live chat.  It may go in there, whether the chat is active or not and we can still comment back when we return.

Thank you.

God Bless America.

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What has Americans so fired up?

We are watching America change in a negative way.  There are those accusing others of hatred.  It is not that people want to hate.  It is the mounting issues forced upon them.  Political correctness has spun out of control.  There are demands for things by people who want things changed every single day.  People who are offended by one thing after another.   Then we have an open border with illegals flooding into the country without consequence while criminals are released to harm American citizens.  Cases are building by the day.  Of course we have the racial issues this administration has only fueled with protests taking place in our cities.  Our local law enforcement are targeted.  Criminals are empowered continuously.  Etc.

This is all happening around us while we watch violations of law within this administration contributing to many scandals with no accountability.  Americans feel we are losing law and order.  We are losing freedom.  We are not safe.  Why wouldn't people be angry with such division and chaos?    With no justice as it should be?  We want our country to be united and strong.  We want secure borders.  We want the law to be enforced.  Why is it that all of this is allowed to spin out of control? 

We have wanted to unite people at this site before all of this reaches a breaking point.  We have wanted to avoid the civil unrest and take a positive stance for what is right for our country.  We deserve to see Justice and positive change.  Not this negative anti -American wave of change across our nation that steals everything we believe in!  We want to hold onto our values and not act wrongly against each other.  This president appears to want Americans so divided , we are at war.  The personal attacks are already taking place constantly!  All I can say is we shall not give a leader the power to destroy us.   That may sound extreme, but this kind of division can do just that.

Think about it.  What do we want to do to be heard together while we can?  I have presented this site with issues for people to speak up about and give the opportunity for us to plan a march on Washington for peaceful assembly.  If you are interested,  you are welcome to comment. We can also show the new presidential candidates exactly what we think of what is happening now.  There is no better way to get things going in the right direction.   Click on comment below the blog topic of choice to give feedback.  All that is needed is a poster name and it will still go through. Time varies for it to show up at the site.  We do check it regularly.

Thank you.


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