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This is not only about Obama!

This is not only about Obama.  It is about all our representatives who have done NOTHING about his wrongful actions.  The fact that we do not have representatives at this point asking for his removal from office, seeking to arrest for violations of the law is a huge failure.  Our representatives work for us and they are not listening!  This is a problem.  They are caving in to this president's agenda enabling the ongoing risk to Americans.  Just to think they gave in to  Obamacare years ago.  Look how that has turned out.  They spend years trying to repeal it.  There were reports of many hidden things, in a bill that was voted for without knowing everything in it!  Now we have a Trade Bill that Obama wants to fast track forward. Again, without revealing everything in it!  How can there be any valid support for the bill if it is not fully known what is in it?  If all details are not known, it should not be passed.  Nothing should be passed without everything being known about it. 

This congress has failed we the people.  They have allowed an agenda to move forward that is clearly harming America.  The actions of Obama are proven to be harmful to Americans.  When they betray us to this degree and allow the loss of law and order, only we the people can do what is right.  What is right is speaking out and letting them know this madness needs to STOP!   This is beyond politics, parties and Obama's bullying blame game!  This is about our country surviving.  This is about the security and safety of all Americans.  This is about our freedoms and our rights!  Every day we are losing more.  Every single day!  When we vote to make a difference and those we vote for sit idle as things spin out of control, there is a problem  When representatives do not take us seriously when we contact them, there is a problem.

We must demand those who work for us to do their job or get out along with Obama.  We must not sit back and watch them give him more and more power.  He is NOT a dictator , although behaves like one.  It is not all about Obama's spin , Obama's smooth talk, Obama's promises.  They have all proven to be lies and his actions have proven to be harmful.  He cannot be trusted.  He must be held accountable.  Our representatives are the ones who can.  IF they are NOT, then we must rise up to make our demands together with undeniable presence by the millions.  The focus needs to start at the TOP  with demands for Obama to be removed from office immediately before any more bills are passed.  Enough with the circles, the battles, the division he continuously creates.  They need to FOCUS and we need to speak up and demand they DO FOCUS!

To contribute feedback, click on comments below any blog topic.  All that is needed is a poster name for it to go through.  Time will vary for it to show on the site, but we check it regularly. 

God Bless America

God Bless all Americans working to help make a difference in these troubling times. 

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We have the right to take a stand!

We have seen a lot about 'rights' lately.  We have seen a lot of protesting.   However, when it comes to standing up to President Obama, we see nothing!  Americans, we have the right to say what we think about Obama's wrong doing.   We have the right to demand an investigation into Obama's actions.  We have the right to say that we will not tolerate our lives being put on the line.  We have the right to demand him to step down.  We can stand up for Justice in our peaceful way, just as anyone else can!  This is America.  If we let our own president carry on with ways in which we feel are destructive , while doing nothing, what does that say about us?  I know people reading this are aware there are MANY people across the country who see the truth about what is happening.  Must we feel stuck watching what many say is a destructive path for this country?  Must we ride out MANY more months of reckless actions with the hope the next person will clean up this mess? 

Do we truly want to give the wrong message of silence that we are ok with all this?  Do we want to let it fester until there is civil unrest , then knowing that we could have done better?  That we could have come together by the millions to say that we have had enough of all this.  We can give a peaceful , united message!  We want our country back with law and order, freedom and National Security!  We want to stand by those who have kept us safe.  The military, our law enforcement , our border agents.  These are the very people our president has targeted, restricted and weakened!  I can ask you to forgive me for repeating myself, but this is worth repeating.  At the rate things are going, we have less time to come together in the way we need to.  So, this is  reminder that we must unite.

Leave a message, by clicking on comments below any topic here at our site.  All that is needed is a poster name for it to go through . Time varies for it to show up at the site.  We continue to keep this site open with information that is important enough for Americans to take a step and speak out about.  We have the right to take a stand! 

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God Bless America!



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   No, not the Egyptian goddess of women and fertility, nor the East coast band formed by Kevin Williams in the late 80's.  ISIS, the Middle Eastern terrorist organization is the entity of discussion.
   As of June 29 of 2014, the group everyone knows as ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham or Syria) changed its name, again, to IS(Islamic State) and declared itself as a worldwide caliphate(the rank, jurisdiction, or government of a Caliph).  With the name change came this decree, 'Accordingly, the 'Iraq' and 'ash-Sham' in the name of Islamic State is henceforth removed from all official deliberations and communications, and the official name is 'The Islamic State' from the date of this declaration'.  We will use ISIS here to avoid confusion.
   ISIS has been, and is, known by several names, i.e., IS; as stated above.  ISIL; Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.  ISIS; as stated above.  In Arabic as, 'ad-Dawlah al-Islamiyah fil-Iraq wash-Sham' which has lead to the acronyms, Da'ish, Da'eesh or Daesh.
  ISIS originated as 'Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad' in 1999, pledging allegiance to al-Qaeda in 2004.  After mergers with other Sunni groups, they proclaimed the formation of ISI(Islamic State of Iraq) in October of 2006.  In April of 2013, the Nursa Front merged with ISI, then renaming the group ISIL or ISIS.  But, at least two leaders said no, al-Nursa and al-Qaeda, rejected the deal.  al-Qaeda cut ties with ISIS on February 3, 2014.
  The current leader of ISIS is, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, whose real name is, Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Sammarai, born a Sunni in 1971 in Samarra, was released from prison in 2009 by Barrack Obama.  He uses Dr. as a prefix, as he claims to have a doctorate at Islamic University in Baghdad, and claims to be a direct descendant to the  prophet Muhammad.  Baghdadi is also believed to have been an Islamic preacher in 2003 and he founded the armed group, 'Jaish Ahl-Sunna wal-Jamaa' in the Diyala province.  But the group never became well known.
   He limits his own movements, limits access and contacts to him personally to only a very few members who know him directly and are trusted.  Most members have never seen him and when he does allow access he wears a face cover, protecting himself from even his own followers.  On June 29, 2014, Baghdadi was appointed Caliph(a spiritual leader of Islam, claiming succession from Muhammad) of IS, the same day they changed their official name and declared themselves a worldwide caliphate.  Their goal being the eradication of all non believers.
   As we have seen, ISIS attracts all kinds people, from all corners of the globe, including the United States of America.  How do they reach them?  One way, of many, is through social media.  Twitter accounts and apps,i.e., 'Dawn of Glad Tidings' app that gives ISIS permission to send Tweets into user accounts and updates with news and information.  They also use Instagram, Facebook and Middle Eastern networks.  ISIS also employs experienced media and marketing people.  In fact, they have an entire media company backing their productions and distributions, the 'al-Hayat Media Center'.  ISIS offers women 'sexual comfort roles' and the promise of a devout husband.  They opened marriage centers in Syria, where women can register to be the wife of a Jihadist.  ISIS gifts the couple a paid honeymoon.  But, they must stay within the boundaries of the caliphate in Iraq and Syria.  
   The total number of ISIS fighters is unknown, the estimates range from 20,000 to 200,000 plus.
   ISIS became well known when it filled the vacuum created by the mass exodus approved and enacted by Barrack Obama.  Since that time they have not only kept their reputation and fame, but have become more vicious in their acts.  Here is a short list...
-June 2014; ISIS line the roads with decapitated Policemen and Soldiers.
-August 2014; American Journalist, James Foley, beheaded
-September 2014; American Journalist, Steven Sotloff, beheaded
-September 2014; Aid worker, David Haines, beheaded
-September 2014; Mountaineering guide, Herve' Gourdel, beheaded
-October 2014; 9 Kurdish soldiers, including 3 women, beheaded
-October 2014; British aid worker, Alan Henning, beheaded
-November 2014; U.S. Army vet, Peter Kassig, beheaded
-December 2014; 4 young christian children, beheaded
-January 2015; ISIS members in Lybia claim to have executed Tunsanian journalist Sofiene Chourabi and Nadhir Ktari.
-February 2015; Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot, Muath al-Kasasbeth, burned alive inside a cage.
-February 2015; Japanese hostage, beheaded
-February 2015; 21 Egyptian coptic christians, mass beheading
-February 2015; Aid worker, Katie Mueller, ISIS claimed was killed in an American air strike, later confirmed to at the hands of ISIS.
-February 2015; ISIS burns 8000+ rare books in Mosul.
-March 2015; 8 Shiites in Syrian province of Hama, beheaded
-April 2015; Mass beheading of Ethiopian christians
-April 2015; ISIS destroys christian grave sites in Mosul.
-April 2015; ISIS destroys historical, mainly Christian, monuments.
   These are just a sample of the atrosities committed by ISIS.  The Quran references 'beheadings of the non-believers'; 'Therefore when ye meet the unbelievers in fight, smite at their necks, at length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly on them.  Thereafter is the time for either generosity or ransom.  Until the war lays down its burdens.  Thus, ye are commanded; but if it had been Allahs will, he could certainly exacted retribution for them, himself, but he lets you fight in order to test you, some with others.  But, those who are slain in the way of Allah, he will never let their deeds be lost.'  Quran 47:4
   ISIS has taken city after city across the Middle East, i.e., Ramadi, Tikrit, Mosul, Rutba, Fallujah, Arsal, Rakka, Sulaiman Beg, Jalawla, and many others.  By taking these cities, and funding from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey and Qatar, they have captured and/or amassed massive amounts of gear and weaponry.  They sell captured equipment, oil from captured oil wells, selling captured antiquities and seized monies, i.e., 500 million in gold from the bank in Mosul.  This is a list of items they have, this is by no means a complete list as much of what they have is unknown and in unknown quantities.
-M198 155mm Howitzers; towed armament, range 14 miles, 4 rounds per minute, requires a crew of 9, from Iraqi military, 52 known units.
-T55 Soviet tanks; heavy armor, 100mm rifled gun and secondary 7.62mm machine gun, approximately 30.
-T72 Soviet tanks; heavy armor, 125mm gun, secondary 7.62mm machine gun and anti-aircraft gun, approximately 10.
-AK-47 automatic weapon; unknown quantity.
-M79 Osa Rocket Launcher; 90mm shell, effective against tanks and fortified positions.  Believed to have originated in Croatia, then smuggled to Syria by Saudi Arabia.  Unknown quantity.
-RBG-6 Grenade Launcher; semi automatic, light weight.  Also smuggled by Saudi Arabia.  Unknown quantity.
-RPG-7 Anti Tank weapon; 900 meter range, portable, unguided, shoulder launched, durable and low cost.  Unknown quantity.
-Type 59-1 Field Gun; 17 mile range, Chinese copy of the Soviet M46 M1954 towed Field Gun.  Unknown quantity.
-ZU-23-2 Anti Aircraft gun; Soviet model auto cannon, 23mm rounds fired at a rate of up to 400 rounds per minute,  2 mile range.  Unknown quantity.
-FIM-92 Stinger MANPAD; shoulder fired, infrared homing, surface to air missle.  Exetremely effective at downing low flying aircraft.  Unknown quantity.
-HJ-8 Anti Tank Missle; range of 6,000 meters, Chinese made.  Good against armor, bunkers and fortifications.  Unknown quantity.
-DShK 1938 Machine Gun; 600 rounds per minute, Soviet heavy machine gun, can be mounted.  Anti aircraft and heavy infantry support.  Unknown quantity.
-Various Trucks, pick ups, Humvees and Armored vehicles.  Various heavy equipment, bulldozers, loaders, etc.  Various captured arms, hand guns, rifles and automatic weapons.  Ammunition.  All in unknown quantities.
-Although refuted by the Obama administration, CNN reports that former Iraqi military officers are training members of the extremist group to fly captured war planes. 
   Many of the weapons and equipment have come, indirectly, from America.  We supplied the Iraqi Army with weapons, ammuniton, vehicles, training and intelligence to fight ISIS.  In June of 2014, Iraqi troops flee the fight leaving behind weapons, vehicles and uniforms   Militants took 5 Army bases and an airport.  The U.S. had put 25 billion into the training and equipment.  Then, America resupplied the Iraqi army.  In May of 2015, ISIS attacked again, the Iraqi forces fled the town of Ramadi, once more, leaving behind weapons, ammunition, vehicles, etc.  It has been stated that the U.S. will, once again, resupply the Iraqi army.
   The U.S. Commander in Iraq, Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, recommended keeping 14,000 to 18,000 American troops in Iraq as a security force, there were 45,000 troops there at that time.  Obama rejected the recommendation.  Commanders then reduced the requested numbers to 10,000, also rejected by Obama.  The white House insisted the number be cut to 3,000 to 4,000, an insufficient number to provide force protection and to train Iraqi troops.  Iraq rejected the 3,000 to 4,000 as not worth the political costs of giving Americans immunity from prosecution in the Iraq judicial system.  Hence, Obama approved the mass exodus of all U.S. troops in Iraq, which created the vacuum that ISIS filled and became the entity we know today.
   In 2014, the Democratic party, DNC, began blaming ex-President George Bush for Iraq descending into chaos.  Even though Obama inherited a pacified Iraq, where the terrorists were defeated militarily and ideologically.  As a matter of fact, in 2011, the Obama administration tried to claim credit for the pacification of Iraq.  Even to the point of claiming ISIS to be a JV team in 2012.  When Obama took office the terrorists had been driven from their safe havens, now they threaten to take control of an entire nation.
   In August of 2014, a laptop belonging to Muhammad S., a Tunsanian Jihadist was found.   Muhammad S. joined ISIS in Syria and has a back round in Chemistry and Physics.  The files on the laptop were in French, English and Arabic.  The information found contained videos of Usama Bin Laden, ideological justifications for Jihad, tutorials on how to carry out ISIS deadly campaigns, how to develop biological weapons and how to weaponize the Bubonic Plague(from infected animals).  Islamic sholars have stated that WMD's(weapons of mass destruction) are prohibited.  But, material on the computer included a Fatwa(Islamic ruling) permitting the use of WMD's.
Stating, 'If Muslims cannot defeat the Kafir(non believers), it is permissible to use WMD's against them'.  The Fatwa was by Nasir al-Fahd currently imprisoned in Saudi Arabia.
   On Saturday, May 16, 2015, American troops killed a key ISIS leader, Abu Sayyaf, and have captured his wife, Umm, for questioning.  A Tunsanian, Abu Sayyaf'a real name was Fathi ben-Awn ben-Jildi Murad al-Tunisi.  Abu was in charge of illicit oil and gasoline operations.  He was also involved in military operations as a known associate of al-Baghdadi.  There has been no information released as to what the U.S. has learned from his wife, Umm.
   What are we doing to squelch the terrorist threat, ISIS?  The quick answer is very little.  From the reports I have seen and the information available, the U.S. runs an average of 6 to 8 air sorties a day.  Compared to the 43 day Desert Storm air campaign, where 48,224 air strikes were performed, which translates into roughly 1,100 per day.  There are, basically, no official fighting ground troops in the ME.  There is, however, a small contingency to provide training.  I have heard the argument that we have no business fighting ISIS in the ME, but I adamently disagree.  ISIS has kidnapped, violated, and beheaded Americans to facilitate their twisted views of religion and ideologies.  They have served direct threats to America, Americans and people of any other faith other than Muslim.  We have seen an increasing number of terrorist acts here on our soil, some have been labeled 'workplace violence' by our POTUS.  But, In my line of thinking, beheading someone at work is far beyond disgruntleism.
   Recently, we have learned that ISIS has a training camp a mere 8 miles from the Texas border.  That, along with the continual influx of illegals, give ISIS direct access to America.  A country that ISIS has stated they will destroy and fly their black flag over the White House.  Also, Obama has deemed it necessary to fly in Syrian 'refugees' that contain an unknown percentage of terrorists.  
   In my humble opinion, Barrack Obama's agenda is in full effect.  Some say he has no clue what he is doing, I believe the exact opposite, he knows very well what he is doing and what he has yet to do.

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Memorial Day - Let there be peace.

May God Bless all who have served, sacrificed and defended this country.  This is a day to remember, be thankful and pray for all military and their families.  A day to be thankful for those who were willing to make the most incredible sacrifice.  These people, brave enough to serve and fight for our safety and freedom.  We must never forget everything about our country these people helped protect, including our very lives we have to live.

It is also a time to think about what we can contribute to make a positive difference in the days to come.  What sacrifices can we make?  What efforts can we put forth to do what is best for our country?  What steps can we take to move forward together?  To unite not divide.  To love not to hate.  We will work together to be there for each other while standing up to the wrongdoing we may witness happening.  We must stand brave in the face of the challenges ahead, just as everyone did for us! 

If you would like to give any input - click on comment below the blog topic - All that is needed is a poster name and the comment will go through.



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What do you have to say to Obama?

It is time to voice our concerns.  Whether you write a letter, a paragraph, or single statement, you can enter it here.  There are many viewing this site.  It is tiring for Americans to see so much wrong doing going on and so little done about it.  This site has been created to unite Americans who care about this country.  This gives the opportunity to take a stand for what we believe in.  Obviously there are many areas of concern and we need to bring them together. 

Tell us what is weighing on you the most.  With all the loss of freedom increasing by the day, we still have the right to speak.  If you are able to set it straight by speaking out, what is it that you have to say to President Obama?

Click on comments below to enter your information.  All that is needed is a poster name, nothing else, and it will go through.  Time varies for it to show up at the site.  The site is checked regularly.

Thank you.


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DENIAL! Is this what is going to allow America to fall?

We have just watched Ramadi fall.  Recently we have watched Yemen , fall.  Although Yemen was called a 'success' by Obama in September 2014.  It is obvious this administration would see the approach to Ramadi.  Obama told Americans earlier on that terrorists were 'on the run'.  In the summer of 2014, he called ISIS the 'JV Team'.  He is telling us one thing, while doing another.  We continuously watch Iraq military run and leave weapons in the hands of terrorists.  They are building their army with the weapons we have supplied.  This president has justified the barbaric behavior of these terrorists when he criticized Christians.  His actions are proving that he is not so much 'out of touch', but emboldening them.  Yet, the media , contributors and politicians continue to speak of his failed policies, waiting for him to change, waiting for him to come up with a 'strategy', waiting him to fight the enemy and protect America.  For all these years we have watched terrorism continue to spread, chaos increase and America be invaded.  This president has allowed this to happen for a reason.  Why would he change in the way everyone wants him to  now?  If you look at the sequence of events in the big picture it is quite clear, these are deliberate acts of the president that led to this instability.

What president would allow for thousands of foreign criminals known to have criminal records be released into our communities?  What president would tell Americans the opposite of what is happening continuously with the war on terror?  What president would refuse to identify the enemy and develop a clear strategy if we are at war?  This president weakened our military when he fired Generals.  This president weakened National Security when he passed policy that led to a surge of illegals and then restricted border agents.  All the while he aided them , by having Homeland Security transport them around the country.  This president targets our law enforcement and now wants to regulate them.  He even wants to take away their riot gear AFTER we have had major riots in our cities!  His ACTIONS show the TRUTH.   Yet, we continue to call him a president who is 'leading from behind'.  A president with 'failed policies'.  A president who is not capable of handling matters.  Is this really the case?  His agenda shows he knows exactly what he is doing.  How can we allow him to violate laws and put Americans directly at risk with no accountability?

Denial.  It appears people are in denial regarding the intentional acts of this president.  If we continue to be in denial as he creates endless distractions, we could very well see this country fall!  The only way to take the appropriate actions is to first face the truth about what he is doing.   This means no excuses of inexperience , incompetence., etc.  This means facing the fact that what he is doing is working against us.  This means not letting his lawless behavior get lost in the 'chaos' his agenda bears responsibility for.  It is not easy to believe we could have a president who is behaving like an enemy.  A president who does not care about American lives.  If he did, he would not put an illegal immigration agenda above our safety allowing criminals or illegals with disease to target us.  Allowing terrorists to come across an unsecure border while we are at war and they threaten our lives who now taunt they have operatives here! 

No, this is not easy to face.  But, if we don't there will be much worse to come.   We must unite, face the facts and speak the truth.  We must address the issues to be heard regarding everything he is doing that put us in harms way.  We don't want violent civil unrest.  We don't want a war on our soil.   We want to save this country and the only way to do that is to acknowledge what he is doing for what it is and stand up to this together. He has not shown that he cares about our safety.  He has not shown that he wants us united. He has not shown that he respects America , our freedom or all that we stand for. His transformation has become a dangerous path.  We have seen the progression of damage from his policies and executive orders. We must not let this continue. There is too much time left to ignore what is right in front of us.  WE THE PEOPLE can show the truth. We can take a stand for public safety and what is best for our country.   It is time for OUR push for 'change' to be HEARD.  He must be removed from office!  This is something we the people can demand to save American lives.   Every minute that we are assuming he is a failure making only mistakes, as if he is just waiting  for the next president to come along, he is actually doing MORE!  He did not begin and continue this "change" without an end result.  We are running out of time. Yes it is a choice to stand and speak. But silence can be worse.  The time is now. 

Let us know what you think.  We welcome feedback, venting, ideas and plans to come together without harassment or abuse to one another.  We are not a radical site.  We are not a religious site.  We are not pushing any political party agenda.  We care about this country.  We do not want to see it fall.  Complaints or avoidance get us no-where.  We the people have the power to make a positive difference and we CAN.  Take a look at our blog topics in the monthly archives, including comments from others and links of interest.  ***Click on comment below the topic to give input.  All that is needed is a poster name and it will go through.  Time varies for it to show up on the site.  Do not give up on this country and fellow Americans.  We are strong , resilient and can be united in ways this administration never imagined we could be. 

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Why is Obama empowering enemies and criminals?

According to Town Hall . Com  Immigration and Custom Officials targeted only 195,000 or (25 percent) out of 722,000 potentially deportable aliens they encountered.   Human events reports that Immigration and Custom Officials released 68,000 illegals with criminal convictions in 2013.  Breitbart News reported October 15, 2014 the Central of Immigration studies (CIS) studies show 167,000 convicted criminal aliens still at large.   These are the criminals we know of coming across our open border in the invasion this president is not only deliberately allowing to continue, but encouraging with policies such as DACA and his recent illegal immigration  memorandum/executive order  granting temporary amnesty for 5 million illegals that have been here for a certain amount of time, presenting the message to others who may want to come here illegally.  The message did reach Central America, per illegals speaking to the media.   These criminals are being aided and allowed to walk our streets and commit crimes against Americans.

Then we have the racial tension escalating as of Ferguson, MO when a black criminal was killed by a white police officer.  Facts in the case were twisted into lies and riots take place reported August 9, 2014.  Obama pulls in Al Sharpton who inflames the racial tension.  The issue of 'racial profiling' gets addressed.  Obama then creates a police task force to regulate police.  He portrays condemnation for their actions that give criminals validation.  He is empowering them.  Another incident occurs in New York City.  Another criminal Eric Gardner dies while police are arresting him.  USA Today report protests across the USA 12/5/14.  This criminal had a long record of criminal offenses.  Racial profiling continues to be the issue.  The issue of 'criminal profiling is not mentioned.  The fact a criminal is identified by repetitive criminal behavior is ignored.  The issue we have criminals with 18+ offenses walking our streets is not addressed.  Within this time 2 police officers are killed in New York City, specifically targeted by a perpetrator from out of state. 

On February 5, 2015 Washington Post reports Obama attended a prayer breakfast.  He stated "remember that the crusades in the inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.  Soon after this on 2/15/15, Catholic News World reports 21 Christians killed by terrorists.  I S I S released a video with a mass execution of 21 people from Egypt's Coptic Christian Minority in Libya.   The terror attacks escalate.  The enemy is justified , strengthened, as Americans watch in horror while these terrorist commit acts of murder such as be-headings, burnings and bodies tossed in dirt ditches.   Obama had called this I S I S group only a JV team in 2014.  Shortly after he had made the statement, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had warned us in truth of the threat to the United States.  Within months he was made to resign.  The terrorists are empowered.  Breitbart News reports the Department of Public Safety report shows illegals with terror ties have crossed our border.  Border agents also reported terrorists have crossed the border into our country. Meanwhile Obama has restricted border agents duties throughout the surge and also allowed Homeland Security to transport unscreened illegals all over the country.  With all this empowerment has he also brought them here?

The latest incident of racial tension takes place in Baltimore, MD.  A black criminal Freddie Gray  with another long history of criminal offenses dies in the custody of police after an arrest.   4/28/15 there is report of riots taking place.  The city is burning.  Criminals are looting and assaulting police.  The mayor tells the police to 'stand down'.   We watch police running from rioters throwing pieces of concrete and approximately 20 are reported injured.  This is the same mayor who is reported to have met with Obama's police task force in January 2015.  Anarchy is now happening.  Al  Sharpton goes on to push for Nationalization of local law enforcement with reports Obama is working on this next.  Shortly after police officer Brian Moore is shot in the head 5/4/15 and he dies.  There are no protests at all.  Within a week 2 more police officers are shot and killed at a traffic stop in MN where it is reported an officer had not been killed since 1984.  The criminals gain leverage, they are empowered to hurt police.  Obama is giving the message that police have done wrong.  There are requests to disarm them.  He is restricting them from doing what they are trained to do.  While criminals are empowered.

It is clear he is standing with criminals and weakening our security. Some say he is clueless.  This does not show that he is.  Some say he is the enemy.  Is he?  I say he has acted criminally himself and not been held accountable.  Why are we allowing this?    It is time for Americans to stand before this leads to our demise!  I know people continue to say 'lock and load'.  Remember, Obama has allowed the coordination of a practice operation called Jade Helm.  It is just around the corner scheduled for this summer.  There have already been exercises reported in Ft. Lauderdale , FL involving detainment practice.  Is this detainment action practiced for the Middle East?  I understand this exercise involving a lot of military equipment over a large area of our land is said to be training for military action elsewhere.  What happens if we are attacked or civil unrest takes place in that time frame?  Will it then remain an operation for areas outside of the United States?  The Commander in Chief authorizing this is the same man who has empowered killers, aided illegals , released criminals and enlisted illegals into our military.  81 undocumented illegals have been reported to be enlisted since January 2015.

We know there are radicals here.  We know there are rioters here.  We know we have a president who is showing no regard for the law or the safety of Americans right now!  We are running out of time to save this country.  Americans must stand for public safety, their loved ones, their neighbor and themselves.  This takes uniting to assemble in a peaceful manner.  Our 1st Amendment rights give us this opportunity.  We have the right to be heard.  We must not stand by giving up on justice when our lives are at risk from many directions due to these actions of this president.  We have seen and endured enough!  There may be a time when there is so much chaos it is not possible to do what we would like to do.  Please take the time to give us your feedback.  This is a place to comment with your thoughts, ideas and positive input.  Take the time to read through our site topics and previous comments.  To comment, click on comment below the topic.  All you need is a poster name and the comment will go through.  Be patient as time varies for the comment to show up at the site.  We look forward to hearing from you.

There is also a live chat.    This is a place for discussion.  If it is not active when you enter the chat, you may still leave a comment and people can respond when they return to continue the conversation.  

Thank You.

God Bless America



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We Will Not Be Divided

To be divided is to allow ourselves to fall.  To give in to increasing division that is propelled from 'the top' , will in no way bring us 'forward'!  Since Obama entered office, we have seen the common theme of division.  It has been verbalized repeatedly, backed by actions until 'reactions' have led to acting out.  We have seen the areas that were used to ignite people's negative response.

- 1 % vs. 99%

- Democrats vs. Republican

- Blacks vs. Whites.

- Illegals vs. Legal

- Etc.

In no way, has there been the effort to unite Americans.  We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA living with a president who spends years fueling divisive issues. It has led to violent protests, loss of property, destruction of our flag, injuries and deaths with no solution.  There is only one solution left.  Americans who care about this country, must unite.  We cannot change the criminals who are acting out. We can acknowledge the areas in which our Judicial System is failing. 

But, we must start at the top.  If laws are being violated by those working for the Government, there must be investigation and accountability.  This country cannot be led by lawlessness and expect to preserve law an order.  Every ounce of divisive speech,  fuels the hatred amongst Americans.  Every Unconstitutional Act witnessed happening shows we are losing that which protects our rights  Every law violated freely is a message to other criminals they can do the same.

To give in to this divisiveness and hatred that is spreading like wild fire is letting one man's leadership bring about the fall.  How will the damage be repaired?  How will there ever be the opportunity to heal from this?  Once lives are taken, they are ended  Once destruction happens, it takes a long time to re-build.  Once we head in this direction, the harder it is to regain unity.

The win against a destructive agenda that is only propelling evil, is to stand together.  Just as it is to stand in the darkness of night fall and see the shooting star across the sky amidst the other stars sparkling together.  Even in the darkness, we can see the vast array of light above.   Do not let darkness fall upon America without standing to shine together.  To live while refusing to see or to try is not living fully at all. 

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Welcome Law Enforcement!

I would like to welcome law enforcement to our site.  This blog topic is to show support for law enforcement across the country.  We appreciate your hard work!  There must be respect for law enforcement in order for our society to function!   I will not discount the fact there are some individuals who bring wrong doing to police work corruptly.  However, this did not necessarily happen in some of these situations getting inflamed and this should NOT reflect upon the many working officers who go out every day to appropriately serve and protect.  Now,  with the incidents evolving there seems to be an unfair targeting of police.  It bothers me that a problem with our system releasing repeat offenders is twisted from criminal profiling into racial profiling.  It is outrageous that our president appears to escalate the situation as race issues heighten, hatred increases and threats are chanted in our streets!

The fact repeat offenders with 18+ arrests are on the street is clearly an issue, a reflection of our system.  It must be beyond frustrating to arrest and continually be faced with the same criminals released.  It is very concerning that we also have thousands of illegals with known criminal records now being released onto our streets too.  Whether you agree with us or not, we believe Obama is also violating the laws.  Today, I watched the announcement of arrests moving forward re: the Baltimore officers for charges of involuntary manslaughter.  I have mentioned this charge previously re: Obama's actions of aiding illegal criminals who in turn kill Americans! 

Many Americans do not feel safe.  Not because of the new portrayal of law enforcement's actions.  Simply because of the reckless actions of the president!  We are aware of the invasion across our border  We watch this president weaken our military, restrict our border agents and now have a task force to regulate police.  It is appalling that officers would be told to stand down in Baltimore Maryland , leading to injuries by rioters.  It is as if we are losing law and order.  Where will we be without it?  Where is this country heading with all these changes and continual division?

We have created this site to unite Americans.  We stand by all law abiding citizens and officials.  We believe in justice based on truth not distortion.  We believe in public safety.  We want peace, not chaos.  We want true accountability for what is being done by this administration.  We care about this country and do not want to see it destroyed.  I do believe these are some of the most difficult times our country has faced in my lifetime.  I would like to see a positive difference made by Americans who care, however that may be.  I salute all police officers who are lawfully doing their job, taking the risk in these turbulent times to do what is right for our society!

This blog topic is open for comments from those who would like to support law enforcement or anyone doing the job.  This site gets many views daily in comparison to the few commenting.  Whether people choose to comment on this topic or not, it is our duty to stand by those who serve to protect us.   Thank you!

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