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National Security

Since Obama took office, we have seen the loss of National Security.  I have spent a few days asking his supporters at other sites what Obama likes about America.  I have also asked what they like abut him?  There has been no answer.  This issue goes back to what his International Pastor (who he had for approx. 30 years)  told the Trinity Church.  G D America!.  Is there a hatred for America on behalf of this president?  Does he not Love America?  Because, too many things have shown that he is tearing it apart and destroying our most important strength - National Security-.  This one issue impacts every single American living here.  Without a president who cares about this country , the oath taken or defending it, we are not only lost, but at the risk of mass casualties.  Below is a list of things that impact our National Security.

- Obama has divided people from Democrats to Republicans, from Blacks to Whites, From Muslims to Christians, every day, every year.

- Obama handed pink slips  to our Top Generals  - weakening our military at this time of war.

- Obama called a terrorist attack at Fort Hood - workplace violence,  ignores a be-heading of a woman in OK and a police officer killed in NYC by Jihad followers.

- Obama makes a trade with terrorists ***without notifying congress within 30 days  and hands over 5 known top leader terrorists for an alleged deserter - Bowe Bergdahl - who is now charged with desertion from our military to the enemy. 

- Obama fired Defense Secretaries when they either addressed the threat against America,  spoke truth or did not do what he wanted.

- Obama has increased our National Debt by trillions.

- Obama passed the DACA Policy and actions that increased an invasion of illegals across our border that continues today.

- Obama has no plans to secure the border properly or put troops there to defend our country.  The invasion continues at a rapid pace even with terrorists who were caught.

- Obama aided the illegals without enforcing the law and fully welcomed them into our country.

- Obama allowed Homeland Security to transport the illegals around the country even with knowing the diseases they brought here. Innocent healthy young American children have died. This is :   Borderline Germ Warfare!

- Obama allowed release of 36,000 + illegals with criminal records into our communities and then released another 30,000 illegals with criminal records form jails into our communities. We have had murders of innocent Americans by illegals with long records.

- Obama targeted Border Agents and restricted their ability to act if they are under attack. He directed their duties to detention centers.  Then he under minded them with their captures by allowing releases here on our land , instead of deportations.

- Obama is also planning for a surge of Syrian refugees to arrive in summer of 2015.   However, there are vetting issues as to whether any will be trained I S IS  members.

- Obama allows health care workers and others to bring deadly  Ebola to our country.  We have no restricted flights during an epidemic in West Africa.  He also doesn't believe it is fair for Health Care Workers (who go there to treat Ebola patients) to return and be home quarantined for 30 days for the safety of the public.

- Obama has refused to identify the enemy when it comes to terrorism.  He calls I SI S , I S IL and will not call them 'terrorists'.

- Obama allowed for restrictions of investigation by FBI into mosques in our country - based on racial profiling.  Even with known ties of killers who have acted out to local mosques.

- Obama and Sharpton fueled racial tensions re: blacks who were shot by police leading to riots.  Yet the blacks  individuals in question were on the street with criminal records and the police were not proven wrong by a jury.  Protestors have been allowed to chant death to cops in our streets without consequence!

- Obama has targeted police and claimed they are carrying out racial profiling , while he develops a task force to 'tell them how to do things'.

- Obama has strengthened the enemy abroad , as the enemies spread while he justifies their behavior stating that Christians do bad things in the name of Christ, as they did many years ago as crusaders.

- Obama is alienating our ALLIES, who we have had for years.  

- Obama is writing secret (non-transparent) letters to Iran re: their Nuclear Plans.

- Obama lied and told people ISIS was only a JV TEAM.  He told people terrorists are 'on the run'.  

- Obama will justify that National Security is ok because HE caught Bin Laden.  BUT...refused to show any proof to Americans with photo or DNA record of the man.  He immediately had the body disposed into the ocean.

- There is much more regarding our weapons ending up in the hands of enemies.  There are financial issues as well. 

- Meanwhile Terrorism spreads out of control in the Middle East with chants 'Death To America'.  Genocides are happening. Our border is completely unsecure.  There are reports of radicals being watched by the FBI in 50 States here now.  The invasion continues.  Our communities are flooded with disease outbreaks and illegals who have lengthy criminal records.  It is happening every single day.  What are you going to do about it?   Would you sit back and let someone tear down your home?

Many people think they are all set with their collection of guns and ammo.  Guns are not going to protect you if they are at home and you are traveling. Guns didn't protect a police officer attacked by a man with an axe in NYC.  Guns are not going to protect you from serious diseases brought in by the illegals.  Guns are absolutely not going to protect you from a larger scale attack perpetrated by the enemy who crosses our border, comes from the turmoil in the Middle East , or who are already here training at a mosque that is not being observed by the authorities. 

Is this National Security?  Is this a man who LOVES AMERICA?  Is this a president who wants to DEFEND Americans and our land?    His actions show the complete opposite.  The list could go on with more that he has done to bring down the walls of safety we have.    We MUST NOT allow this to continue or we will have mass casualties with nothing left!  When our representatives do not stand for this country and focus strictly on removing this destructive president as quickly as possible, we are in even more trouble.  It is up to WE THE PEOPLE, folks.  We must take a stand for Justice and we must do it soon.

This starts with participating here. It takes comments, input, discussions and plans for a peaceful march on Washington.  I am talking about power in numbers.  I am talking about bringing documents with us.  I am talking about every single person who cares about saving this country, bringing an American Flag.  I am talking about being heard so the world will see the truth.  I want us to use our First Amendment right of free speech and peaceful assembly to do all we can for our country and our people. Because this president is NOT.  Instead he has violated laws with no accountability! 

Thank you for being here and taking the time to read this.  To comment, please click on comment and enter a poster name only with your comment and it will go through for review.  Time does vary for the comment to show up on the site.  There are many good topics to scroll through that go onto more pages.  Click on older posts at the bottom of the page.  There are great comments from other Americans uniting in the comment sections as well.

There is a blog topic with directions to our petition to sign.  It is one piece of what we would like to bring forward with our request to remove Obama from office and arrest him for criminal public endangerment and treason.  Please follow the directions to the petition and take a minute to sign it.  Every signature counts.

*** We also have a Live Chat




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All the more reason for Obama to be charged!

Today there is news of the charges filed against Bowe Bergdahl.  There is still question why he is allowed to be free until the hearing, but it appears he is charged with desertion and misbehavior with the enemy.  This is the Sergeant who Obama traded 5 top leader terrorists to bring him back to the United States.  The biggest issue in this trade is that Obama did not notify congress he was going to do this trade.   One of the men released is reported  to be back in touch with terrorists.  Another one is said to be part of the attack on our soil 9/11/01. 

The same investigation should have been in process to file charges against Obama.  It appears he is responsible for treason.  He has been strengthening the enemy IN ADDITION to aiding illegals with criminal records by releasing them into our communities here.  This is all part of criminal public endangerment as his acts  put Americans at risk.  With knowing there is enough to charge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl there is all the more reason for Obama to be held accountable for any violations too.

This blog topic is open for feedback, input and/or information surrounding Obama's actions that assist the enemy, put us at risk and  have been ignored.  We must address the different ways in which Obama is committing violations that directly put us in harms way.

Please scroll down to see prior blog topics (more than one page) to see why we must stand together as Americans for Justice.  There is great input from other Americans who have participated.  To leave a comment, click on comment under the topic of choice.  You only need a poster name and it will go through for review.  Time varies for it to show up on the site.  We are average Americans trying to do the right thing using our 1st Amendment rights.  We have no affiliation with the government, any radical groups or political parties.

We also have a petition blog topic with directions to our petition to sign for Obama to be removed from office and Arrested for Public Endangerment.  Please take a minute to go there and sign it.  We would like to bring it with documents at a march in Washington.   Every signature counts. 

*** We also have a Live Chat that was recently updated.

We believe there is too much time left for Obama to be in office while  not held accountable for his actions.  It is time for Americans who care about this country to UNITE and BE HEARD.  We must do our best to take a stand for Justice.  If you are reading this, please take the time to give comments and get to know others who are dedicated to doing what is right for America. 

Thank you. 


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General Concerns

This topic is to address the general concerns about uniting here.  Some of the points come from comments made by posters at other sites.  First of all we are not a Government site.  We are average Americans who want to address our grievances about Obama's actions.  We are determined to be heard.  We care about public safety.  We believe in Justice.   We are not a particular organization.  We are not affiliated with any political party.  Our focus is uniting Americans who believe the president should be held accountable for violations of the law.  Americans who want to stand up for our individual rights , our freedom and personal safety.

We are not 'spam'.  This site was set up through a basic website design location as a starter site with the option to move on to something more advanced.  At times people have stated they cannot get to this site.  I am guessing it may have to do with the settings on the computer?  If you have had trouble getting to the site or know someone who has, please let us know in the comment section.  

We do not advocate for civil unrest.  We are not radical.  In fact, we believe if the president is allowed to continue with his agenda as he is, it is HE who will lead our country to civil unrest.  We don't want to see that happen.   We want to do what we can beforehand.   Our goal is for a peaceful stance with a large presence to show the facts and stand up for our country while we can.  Many have lost hope that anything can be done.  It is only impossible right now if people choose to do nothing.   As a poster once said in here, silence is not the 'American way'.!  So, what will it be?  To try or not to try?    Let's not look back knowing we gave up our voices at a time, a turning point,  when we could have shown the truth!

It is worth reading the 'documents' in the comment section of the blog topic below this one.  Ask yourself, are willing to ignore these documents that protect you?  There are many other good blog topics here, open for comments.  Take the time to scroll through them and also read  comments from other Americans uniting.  (More than one page).

We look forward to hearing your input, feedback, concerns, ideas...etc.  If you have been targeted by an illegal or know of a situation in your area, we want to hear from you.   There is also a topic for Veterans.  We thank you for your service and the input from those who participated here.  All that is needed is a poster name for the comment to go through.  Time varies for the comment to show on the site. 

 There is a blog topic with directions to the petition.  Please take a minute to sign  this for Obama to be removed from office and arrested for public endangerment.  We would like to bring documents with us to back up a march on Washington.  Feel free to give input or information you have.  Help with the plans so this may succeed.    Let's work together.  Now is the time to make our efforts worthwhile. 

*** Our updated LIVE CHAT is now running.  This makes it easier to talk in the moment.




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This section will continue to be added to this blog because it is a constant reminder that WE THE PEOPLE can do this.  This topic contains the  documents that are the foundation of our goals for this great country.  We are supported by the Constitution and we will not sit back watching continual violations occur leading us to tyranny.  OUR voices will be heard.  Our large presence will be seen.  The laws not abided by this president will be known.

Our uniting will bring clear requests as we stand free together knowing that it is "we the people" who will defend our freedom and protect this country.  We see what is happening.  We have the facts.  The facts will be woven together so strong, they will not be discounted.  We will restore what we have lost.   We will move forward with dignity.  This is our right and we will continue to stand by it.  We are eager, but patient.  We have challenges,  but we are strong. 

These documents are worth reviewing as they are confirmation of our rights as Americans.  The time you take to participate at this site is valuable.  Scroll down to see our previous blog topics (more than one page).   There are many good comments from other Americans who are uniting.  There is a special topic for anyone who has been targeted by illegals.  There is a topic for reports of what is happening in your community.  There are some great news article reports and info. and a topic for Veterans also. 

To comment, click on comment and enter a poster name with your comment.  Other sections can be left blank and it will still go through for review  Time varies for it to show up on the site.  It starts HERE.  It starts with the first step of making a comment to unite.  Please let us know what you are thinking so that we can work TOGETHER.  We need large numbers - pass on the site to those you know who are interested.  Thank you.

***Our petition is one of the documents we are putting together.  Scroll down to the petition topic for directions to sign the petition to remove Obama from office and arrest for public endangerment.

***Our LIVE CHAT is up and running again.  This is the place to discuss things in the moment.  You are welcome to vent, give input, offer ideas, plan for taking our stance, etc.  Insults, harassment, abuse , threats, Etc will not be permitted.  To visit the live chat go to :

Thank you.  God Bless America.

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We continually hear concerns regarding Obama's identity.  We have watched his birth certificate be challenged with questions that remain unanswered . Apart from that, his eligibility to be president is in question if his father was not a US citizen.   We have heard about the use of  alias names.  There have been questions raised about different social security numbers being used with connections to him at the White House.  There are reports that he has paid a lot of money to keep the Harvard College records from the public.  Why?

How is it that we have a president of the United States with so much left unknown?  The bottom line is, this very fact concerns many Americans.  It is amplified by the fact that his actions appear to be working against America with no respect for our Constitution.  Americans are waiting for accountability for what we believe to be violations of the law. Americans deserve the truth.   We are United States citizens with rights and we feel compelled to get the answers.   When our lives are on the line from reckless behavior, looming threats and an invasion into our country, we have a right to know.  We have a right to speak and make our demands made. 

This blog topic will include news articles , reports and information aligned with our concerns.  There is chaos on a daily basis.  There is so much that Obama is doing that we feel is wrong and in violation of the law.  We feel he is not standing up for America  Instead he is weakening our country from within.  Therefore, we want to know everything about him, to understand what is happening.  We want to know who this leader is who came to transform America.  So we ask......who is he?

To leave a comment, click on comment below the blog topic.  You only need to enter a poster name with your comment.  The other sections can be left blank and it will go through for review.  Please be patient.  The time varies for it to show up on the site.  It is very important for us to come together at this time.  It starts here with leaving a comment and getting to know other Americans who would like to take a stand for Justice.

Scroll down to see prior blog topics and comments from others who are uniting  Please take a minute to sign our petition to remove Obama from office.  The address and directive is under the petition blog topic. 


***Visit our LIVE CHAT -


God Bless America. 

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Possible Ebola in HONDURAS?

Last summer experts explained the threat it would be to the United States if Ebola were to reach Central America.  It has NOT been confirmed , but there is now a possible case of Ebola in Honduras.  The reason this poses such a threat to Americans is clearly due to the surge of illegals coming to our country across our Southern Border from Central America. 

We have already covered some of the problems on this site regarding the invasion of illegals.  We have had these unscreened illegals coming into our country.  In 2014, numerous diseases were verified by the border agents at the detention centers.  Still, Obama deliberately aided them and had homeland security transport them with known diseases around the country.  He is responsible for Americans getting sick and also the deaths of American children.  This is reckless public endangerment, listed on our petition to remove Obama from office.

***Now there is a risk of Ebola spreading more to the United States IF it turns out to be a confirmed case  in Honduras, due to  possible spread of the disease leading to the very illegals coming our way.  The link re: the latest possible Ebola case in Honduras will be posted in the comment section of this blog topic. 

This is only a reminder that our borders need to be secured.  This is another reason why this invasion threatens American lives.  If we are lucky to hear news this is not confirmed to be Ebola, it does not stop the possibility of this happening.  We must not wait to see this happen.   We must demand for a secure border.  This invasion must be stopped. 

If you have concerns or feedback on this topic, please click comment to enter your comment with a poster name.   That is all you need for the comment to go through for review. 

Please scroll down to see all prior blog topics, comments from other Americans and important information regarding our pursuit of Justice as we must unite people now.

There is also a topic with directions to sign our petition.

***The Live Chat will be back to working soon.  It is being updated. 

Thank you for your patience.


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Each day that passes....

Each day that passes is another day the lawless behavior is allowed to continue, Americans are put more at risk, the country is invaded more, supporters bully people speaking truth, division increases and America is changed.  Each day that we allow this to continue, the more chaos there is and the more difficult it is to work through it.  Of course, that is what he wants. 

As long as the distractions flow continuously, the less focused people are.  The more sabotage by his defenders, the less likely progress can be made to speak the TRUTH.   The priority remains to be uniting Americans.  We have plenty to say and so much to stand for.  Our strength is driven by what we know to be right in a world where so much is going wrong.

Our information and presence is what brings the message to the world that we will not live this way.  We oppose what is happening.  We have values and we have rights.  Every American should be able to trust that we are not deliberately being put in harms way.  Every American does not choose to wake up each day only to be thrust into waves of corrupt actions taking place. 

Many Americans do not trust anyone in either party, because we have had to watch a president do so much that works against us and nothing is done about it.  When does Obama stand up for this country?  When does Obama speak up for all the good things people in this country do for others?  When does he take concrete actions to defend our land, our people?  When does he focus on stabilizing our society instead of igniting friction with race, class, religion, Etc?

This site is an opportunity to start sharing our thoughts, connecting and working together.  What other choice do we have?  Well, there is another choice.  To sit back and do absolutely nothing.  Watch the decline of America, bound to hit the bottom as anything does on a reckless path.  

Where do you think America is heading?  What do you think Obama's ultimate goal is?  What do you want us to say when we take a stand?   What requests do you have?

To Comment , click on comment below the blog topic.  You may enter a poster name and comment.  The other sections can be left blank.  It will go through for review.  Be patient.  Time varies for it to show up on the site. 

Scroll down to read previous blog topics and comments from other Americans uniting.  At the bottom of the page you can get back to earlier pages.   Take a look at the must read news topics.  If something is happening in your area or town we would like to hear about it.  There is also a topic for anyone who has been targeted by an illegal or knows someone who has been.  There is a special topic for the brave people who have served our country.  Veterans: We thank you for your service and look forward to your input!

****Review our documents in our documents section  that give us the freedom to do all of this.

****Take a minute to sign our petition to remove Obama from office.  Scroll down for directions to the petition site.  This is only a piece of the documents to be put together.  Every signature counts.

****Our Live Chat should be up and running soon.  It is being updated. 

Do not let another day pass without your voice HEARD!

God Bless America


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Obama, Holder, Hillary.....the list goes on....

We continue to see the scandals, led by a lawless president.  Those who have done his dirty work , contributing to more lawless actions.  At this point, it is out of control! Americans are starving for accountability.  There is none.  Everyone of us here in America is effected by the runaway train of corruption.  We can sit and complain all day long or we can have productive discussion and plan to take action.  By action I mean coming together as AMERICANS to be heard with our demands for JUSTICE.  Yes, this means planning a time to unite and march in person. To make our large presence seen with documents and a petition with us.  Every person who stands for this country to attend with an American Flag.  Some may ask , who will listen?  Those who have been ignoring us, will have no choice.  Better yet, large enough, the world will listen.  We as Americans will show we do NOT accept Treason , Invasion, Public Endangerment, etc.  We will not accept a LAWLESS dictatorship putting American lives at risk.  We expect consequences for the violations of the law.  The US Sgt. at Arms can arrest Obama.

For those who have DOUBT:  There is no time for 'doubts'.  To give in to that is to give up our rights.  That is to believe this is always how it has been and nothing can change for the better.  That is to submit to the reckless behavior of those trying to transform our country right now!  Not before, not later....TODAY!   We must believe in our vision to have millions of AMERICANS  marching for what we deserve.  We deserve to petition our grievances.  We deserve to stand up for what we believe.  We deserve to speak the truth.  We deserve to make our demands for Justice.  To those who want this, who come here, but choose not to participate, that is only giving in to the doubt.

We believe this is NOT impossible.  Therefore, we continue to be focused.  We will continue to try while we have the time to try.  We believe the time is NOW.  So much can happen in the next 20 months.  It is hard to know where this could lead if we choose to do nothing.  We want to know that we have TRIED.  Please consider . ..If there is anything to look ahead and question - it is this.   Ask yourself how you will feel later looking back knowing that you did not even take a step to try?    We must stand up for our country.  We must stand up for public safety.  We must do everything in our power to make this work together.  Yes, Obama has worked hard at division!  This does not mean he will achieve dividing Americans who care!  Those of us who want freedom, truth and justice. 

To comment:  Click on comment below the blog topic.  Feel free to enter your thoughts,  feedback, ideas or helpful information you have.  You only need to enter a poster name. You may leave other sections blank and it will still go through for review.  Be patient time varies for it to show up on the blog. 

Scroll down for previous blog topics (2 pages) and comments from other participants.  

There is also  a ***petition***  to sign.  A topic will tell you how to find it at the petition site.

****Live Chat ****  is currently being updated!  To be back soon.

Thank you!    God Bless America!

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Welcome Newcomers - Americans Have a Voice To be HEARD!

Welcome Newcomers.  This is a post update for anyone new to the site.  IT STARTS HERE.  We must Unite!!  We have received positive feedback other places in addition to thousands of 'views' so we know you are interested.  I would like to clarify this is not a Government site.  We are average Americans uniting.   It is site based on political issues only.  We care about what is happening to this country and we want to hear from you too!

We believe it is time for Americans to be heard.  Our first Amendment rights protect us from tyranny and allow us freedom of speech with the right to assemble together peacefully and also to petition our grievances.  Now is the time to do this.  It starts here at this site.  It requires that we participate together.  If you are interested, please take a minute to comment on our blog topics.  You only need to enter a poster name with your comment and it will go through.

We are working on uniting for a firm but peaceful March on Washington!

If you have any information you think would be helpful, please contribute that to this site too.  There is a blog topic specifically for those who have been targeted by illegals.  There is also a topic specifically for Veterans.  A great reminder of our rights as Americans can be found in the topic ' Documents'.

***If we want to make this happen, it takes comment input, participation in discussions, any info. you have, etc.  We are patient and we must bring together our documents with large number of Americans.  Please pass on the site to everyone you know who is seriously interested. 

We also have a petition.  It is at   Search  Remove Obama from office.  Go to  page 6. * (or following pages, as the petition moves when other petitions are created) .  **The title is Remove Obama from office - Arrest For Public Endangerment.**  Every signature counts.  We will bring this with us.

We believe in Justice and Public Safety.   We look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless America!


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Let's take a look back...

How did we get here?  A place where freedom is now waning.  Americans lack TRUST to even speak out.  Fear is racing through many who don't know what will happen next?  The world is in chaos.  Our National Security is weakened.  The debt is leading us to financial collapse.  It is hard to find a job , while illegals are surging across the border allowed to stay and work.  We are more divided than we have ever been.  The list goes on and on. 

We have been on a fast track of policies, executive orders, changes that are part of Obama's 'transformation' of America.  It is happening as we learn more and more about corruption, lies and laws broken.  We do not want to lose America.  Some think we already have.  I don't think we are there yet, but if we don't take a stand we may be.  We understand that either way, if we elect an honorable candidate, it will take time to restore what we have lost.

Sometimes it helps to look back at what we were told years ago and what has transpired since then.  It makes it easier to see what  we are dealing with right now and the importance of taking action. 

This will include transcripts or clips of Obama's previous speeches.  It may include scandals we feel are legitimate whether he calls them "phony" or not.  It may include news articles of information provided by known 'whistleblowers' who stepped forward to give us the pieces of truth we need.  This blog topic is open for comments, feedback, opinion or any information you may have.

Just click on comment and provide a poster name to have it posted.  There is no need to enter more information for it to go through.  The only review necessary for the comment is to make sure it is not abuse, a threat or harassment.  That is the only reason it would not be accepted.  This is respectful site to unite Americans who care about what is happening.  Venting is allowed.  We all have plenty to say. 

Please scroll down for previous blog topics and comments from other Americans.  At the bottom of the page, you can click for previous page topics .  There is a topic for Ideas.  There is a topic for Veterans.  There is a topic for anyone who may have been targeted by illegals.  We have  a great news link topic with  'must read' information.  If you have anything to add, we welcome it.   We also have the most important documents to look at that validate our rights.  Etc.

There is also a petition to sign.  It will be added to other information.... to make our demands with a  March on Washington.  Every signature counts.  Scroll down for directions to that site.

Thank you for being here.

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A Moment To Say Thank You

I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this site so far.  We have just begun. We appreciate all input to the blog posts.  We have had some great discussions in the live chat.  This is the place to get back to what America is all about.  United and Free.

Just to think, people come here to our country for 'freedom' and they even stand up for what they want here.  Yet , there are American citizens who feel we are losing our freedoms.  We must not let the actions of this administration or their intimidation tactics used to discount people to stop us from standing up for our rights or speaking the TRUTH.

We welcome Americans from all over this country to contribute to this site.  We continue to add new information and it is open for your thoughts day to day.  As you know this is a process of bringing people together.  We are determined and we are patient.

Feel free to scroll through the blog, including the older posts on the next page, clicking the icon at the bottom.  To enter a comment , click on comment below the blog topic of your choice .  Enter a poster name.  (You may leave other sections blank) .  Put in the code that is shown and it will go through for review.  The time varies for it to show up on the site.

A ***petition*** is set up as another piece to back up our demands.  That is at  .  Search Remove Obama.  Go to page 4.  It is titled  - Remove Obama From Office - Arrest For Public Endangerment.

***Thank you to ALL who have taken the time to sign the petition.  Every signature counts.

God Bless America

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We are protected by the FIRST AMENDMENT - We will NOT stay silent!

The First Amendment allows us the freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.  This is exactly what we will use to take a stand for Justice.  To every American reading this , know that you have this right.   There is no reason to give it up!  There is safety and power to be heard in numbers.  We are dedicated to uniting Americans to build upon this with the opportunity to be the true Americans we are!

It has to start somewhere and that place is HERE.  If  you are viewing our site, please take the step to comment, give input, enter information, join the discussion at live chat.  Scroll through the blog topics to see what we are doing and take a look the comments from other Americans who care.   You will see, like minded people.  We are all faced with what is happening.  This may not feel like the country you lived in years ago.  It is changing rapidly with Obama's transformation.  We have lost plenty that will take re-building.  But, do not let him take away your voice! 

Fear is only what we allow it to be.

Something that paralyzes or moves us.

To face it, is to take action.

To overcome it, is to move through it.

Do not let fear instilled by someone who is not showing morals or respect for Americans to change anything you would normally do in life.  Take this opportunity to try.  No matter what the outcome is, later you will know you did everything you could! 

You may be seeing other groups standing up for things wondering where are the people to stand up for Americans?   

WE ARE HERE!!    We welcome you to join us.  There is plenty of information here to read with new updates regularly. 

It can be looked at this way.   3 Choices:

- Do nothing while our lives are put on the line with this destructive agenda and high probability of seeing catastrophe.

- Wait for inevitable Civil Unrest that Obama wants  - witnessing violence, death and HIS plans for  martial law.

- OR moving forward NOW with a  stand for Justice to assemble peacefully with concrete information to back up our demands.

*** Important***  If you are interested in what you see then please take the time to comment.  This takes building numbers of people , so we need your input.  Whatever you have to contribute such as:  concerns, ideas , opinion or brief story to tell....we are ready to hear it.

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God Bless America


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AMERICANS ARE UNITING - What is happening in your town?

What changes have come about that have impacted your life , violated your rights, threatened your health or safety? 

Has there been a surge of illegals in your town? 

Are there any disease outbreaks? 

Any arrests or incidents  involving illegals? 

New regulations? 

Any attacks on religion  - due to political correctness?  

Changes in healthcare - loss of doctors, facilities closing or longer distance to drive for healthcare? 

Attacks by radicals?

Any violations of the Second Amendment - The right to bear arms?  Any changes in the sale of Ammo?

Share what is happening in your area!  Click on comments below this topic.  Only a poster name with the comment is needed. Other sections can be left blank and it will still go through for review.

Scroll through our site to see comments from other Americans uniting.  There is also a section for Veterans.  Take a look at our important news links.   Enjoy!

We The People are committed to UNITING.  This is what needs to happen now! 

Another piece to back up our pursuit is the petition.  TO SIGN:  Please go to   Search: Remove Obama   - page 4 - (it does get moved to the next page when new petitions are created) Title:  Remove Obama From Office - Arrest For Public Endangerment.  Every signature counts!

Thanks for visiting.  We look forward to talking to you.  Now is the time for us to do what is best for our country!

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We must never give up and never give in!

We as Americans must never give in to blatant violations of our rights and well being.  I know our representatives are NOT doing enough to stand up to Obama's actions , even when we notify them.  This is why we must come together to show them we will not accept a lawless president carrying on with treason, putting our lives at risk!

I have been reading through posters comments on the internet.  Some people have given up hope for anything better to come about.  Some people actually want civil unrest at this point.  That is not what we are about.  We want to unite before that inevitable unrest happens.

If Obama wants the civil unrest to gain more power or even disrupt future elections, let's not give him that.  We want him removed and held accountable as any American would face the consequence  for violating the law.  He is no different. 

We the people will be heard in way that is not disruptive to the public, but large enough to send the message we want acknowledged.  We will NOT stay silent about this message.

In order to do this, it takes uniting and participating with Americans who have started to come together here at this site and spreading the word for others to get here.

Scroll down to see our previous blog topics and further information. Take a minute to give some input by clicking comments underneath the topics.  All is needed is a poster name to go through for review.  Also refer your friends and others who want more to be done to this site - and we will work together!

We also welcome your IDEAS.  There is a topic for ideas on the second page, if you scroll to the bottom and click on 'view older posts'.  Or you can post them on a more current blog topic.  We are compiling information to be investigated as well.  If you have any cases, stories, etc.  feel free to enter them.

*** Another piece we have to contribute to our information to back us up is our PETITION.  It is at remove 4.... (It does move to the next page as new petitions are created)   Title:  Remove Obama - Arrest for public endangerment.  Please sign this if you can.  Thanks.

God Bless America!


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News, Articles, Updates and Information - A must read!

This blog post is set up for the entry of news reports and information.  It is a "must read" because it will include pertinent information that we feel reinforces our reasons for taking a stance. 

You may enter a link into your comment that you want people to see or only a comment to direct the readers where to go for the information.  We understand there is a massive amount of information to be found with all that Obama is doing.  Therefore, let's focus on the most significant news links that relate to the issues on our site.   Such as foreign policy, illegal immigration, his over reach of power, violations, actions that directly relate to National Security/our safety. 

***Click on comment below this blog post.  You may enter only a poster name with the comment and it will go through for review.

Thank you


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If you have been a victim of any crime perpetrated by an illegal - we want to hear from you!

This blog post is dedicated to Americans who have been targeted by illegals.  If there has been a crime perpetrated against you or if  you have lost a loved one due to an illegal criminal,  we would like your input. If you have lost a loved one due to disease that was detected earlier at the detention centers, we want to hear from you.  This president is aiding and abetting illegals surging across our border.  He has used Homeland Security to transport them all over the country even after border agents reported the serious diseases the illegals brought from Central America. 

I  have also  stated before, there are reports of 30,000+ illegals with known criminal records released into our communities in 2014.  This puts all Americans directly at risk.  I believe this to be considered Public Endangerment .  I also consider Obama responsible for involuntary manslaughter if one of these aided criminals kills an American. 

I am not a lawyer, but I do know this president is violating laws.   We the people are uniting because he has been allowed to stay in office without accountability.  We cannot continue on this path of recklessness.  We must come together and take a peaceful stance with all the information we can gather to demand he be removed from office.  We want Justice.  It is time for us to be heard.  There is no reason why we should sit back allowing obstruction of Justice while this president puts us in danger.

I offer my  condolences to ANYONE who has been harmed in this way.  This should not be happening or allowed to continue.  If you make it here to read this blog post, please take the time to leave a comment.  Let us know if you will join us in our fight.  We are here for you.  We are here for each other.  There is power in numbers.  Your cases are important and need attention.  You know the impact of this illegal invasion more than any of us.  Now is the time for us to do all that we can.  We must consolidate cases and bring together our requests.  It is important to show the full truth about what has happened directly to innocent Americans. 

There is also a  petition to remove Obama and arrest for Public Endangerment  at   Search remove Obama and go to page 4. 


Thank you


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This section is dedicated to the documents that are the foundation of our goals for this great country.   We are backed by the Constitution and we will not sit back watching continual violations occur leading us to tyranny.  Our voices will be heard, our large presence will be seen.  The laws not abided by this president will be known.  Our uniting will bring clear requests as we stand free together knowing that it is WE THE PEOPLE who will protect our freedom. 

We see what is happening. We have the facts.  The facts will be woven together so strong that we will restore what we have lost and move ahead with dignity. Click on the ***comments*** below this post topic to review documents and comment on them.   You only need to enter a poster name and comment. If the other sections are left blank, it will still go through for review.

The time you take to participate  is valuable.  Each day we are uniting more and we welcome all Americans who want to participate with us.  Thank you

God Bless America.

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